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Osvaldo DeNiz

On the sixth of May the Riverside Track team went to the Bobcat Pre-Regional Track Meet in Thermopolis. The coaches were hopeful that they could get more athletes to qualify for State track in Casper. Three individuals did superb on Friday. These were Kinli Vigil, Brynnt Wood, and Colton Hodge. The other track athletes also did a good job by helping the Riverside Rebels. So far only three people on the Riverside track team have made it to state. The Coaches want to get more athletes to qualify for state in Casper Wyoming. But the coaches know the athletes are trying their hardest to compete in state. On the 14th of May the team will travel to Lander for regionals. There they will try hard and make it to state to join Clinton Getzfried, Kinli Vigil, and Brynnt Wood. Best of luck to the Riverside Rebels.

Bryce Johnson

On May 3, 2010 there was a track meet in Cody, Wyoming. The Riverside Rebel track team traveled to compete. But instead of being able to qualify it was just a practice meet. According to Kinli Vigil "It was short and sweet." It was like this because there were only 4 schools; Riverside, Burlington, Cody, and Lovell so it didn't take too long. Kinli finished first in two of her events and second in the other. Clinton (Kikaboo) Getzfreid didn't get to compete due to his knee. The others also did a very good job. On Friday they will be traveling to Thermopolis for the pre regional meet.


Kelsey Roussann and Taylor Hodge

March 25th, 2011

F.C.C.L.A stands for Family, Career, and Community Leaders of America. Each year the students in F.C.C.L.A choose a STAR event to do and compete at the state event in Cheyenne, Wyoming. This year Kelsey Roussan and Taylor Hodge chose to do National Programs in Action: Famillies First. This STAR event is used to help understand families and help them when they are in need. Kelsey and Taylor thought long and hard on what to do and finally decided to help the families at the Ronald McDonald House in Billings, Montana. They first decided to make tie blankets, and accomplished 12 blankets for premature babies. They also were told of a need that the Ronald McDonald House had, and purchased 5 preemies outfits and donated those also.

In February, Kelsey and Taylor decided to make freezer meals for the families that were or would be staying at the Ronald McDonald House. They were able to make 3 pans of baked speghetti and put it into the freezer for a meal at a later date.

The employees and families at the Ronald McDonald House greatly appreciated the work the girls had done. Kelsey and Taylor have learned a lot about helping families in need. They have decided to go back often and help the families and employees in any way they can.

Kelsey and Taylor go to Cheyenne, Wyoming March 30th, 31st, and April 1st, 2011 to compete at the State competition. They hope to win state and make it to Nationals being held this summer.

Academics 2010-2011

Red and Black Rebels - Fall 2010

Red Rebels Fall 2010The Red and Black Rebel awards are an achievment reward system that students recieve for achievment in all areas of school...Read the Article








Basketball 2010-2011

Rebels and Lady Rebels Play Big Horn and Shoshoni


January 31st, 2011 - Bryce Johnson

The Riverside Rebels played Big Horn Friday the 28th. Read the Article

The Lady Rebels went in to Big Horn with nothing to lose. Even though the game ended in a 59-37 loss, the Lady Rebels played their hearts out till the end. Read the Article


Wrestling 2010-2011
Dual Date: 12/2/2010

Individual Results

103.   Justin Lewton pin
112.   Kyle Strashiem Forf
119.   Jay Stein pin
125.   Jared Leithead pin
130.   Kaden McElhiney 7
135.   Jordan Hernandez  
140.   Austen Sommerville  
145.   Jeff Redland 7
152.   Eric Rothleutner  
160.   Logan Miller 12
171.   Jon Beck  
189.   Wade Newton 9
215.   Bronson Hernandez  
275.   Casey Hernandez pin
103.   Taylor Reno  
112.   Open  
119.   Matt Grovenstein  
125.   Levi Kelly  
130.   Stephen Kerr 14
135.   Nate Gossens pin
140.   Ben Anson pin
145.   Luke Zeller 0
152.   Nate Hetzel pin
160.   Rob Nuttall 15
171.   Clay Cundall pin
189.   Randall Johns 5
215.   Wes Ridgway pin
285.   Miguel Mendez  

Speech 2010-2011


RHS Speech Takes Second at the Mustang Classic

February 5th, 2011

The Riverside Speech and Debate team did well this past week at the Mustang Classic Tournament held at Natrona County High School in Casper.  The meet, which is the largest of the year, did ultimately see success for the team....Read the full article...